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Our heaters are efficient, they use less wood and are clean-burning. Not to mention they are affordable, safe and need low maintenance. 

BatchRocket mass heater


conventional wood burning stove

Less Pollution

Conventional stoves are generally much more polluting as they dont burn very hot and therefore don’t burn all the fuel. This unburnt fuel pollutes the environment. The fuel that is burnt is transferred into heat.

How efficient this heat is captured determines how much fuel needs to be burnt in total. This is usually much lower in masonry stoves like the BatchRocket mass heater.

They are designed to burn wood super efficiently and to capture and store that heat  as well. They do both of these tasks much better than most conventional wood burning stoves.



Ease of Use

We all want to keep our homes as cosy and warm as possible while using the least amount of wood. With conventional wood burning stoves people often try to keep a fire burning all through the night which will make it easier to light the fire in the morning by reducing the intake of air. This makes the stoves much less efficient and much more polluting.

BatchRocket mass heaters are designed to keep their heat for a certain amount of time after having burnt a so called batch of wood and in general the heater is very easy to startup, especially when not totally cold.





The BatchRocket produces much less ash & soot, so there is no need to clean the chimney. Once or twice a year cleaning of the inside is needed with a vacuumcleanner and is done through built in access points. This should only take a few minutes. With conventional woodburning stoves you should have your fluepipes cleaned at least once a year.




Even though the BatchRocket heaters burn wood at much higher temperatures than conventional woodburning stoves it is always possible to touch the bricks and fluepipes without burning oneself. It can still be too warm to comfortably hold it but it is much safer than other stoves that can be quite dangerous.




BatchRocket heaters heat by radiation which reduces air movement and hot ceiling effect. Radiation warmth is gentle consistent warmth as opposed to really hot or really cold.

Conventional wood burning stoves heat spaces by convection which leads to lots of air movement/draughts and heat concentrating at ceiling level.

High Efficiency

The BatchRocket heater is designed to have an flue exit temperature of between 120 to 150 degrees. This is the minimum temperature needed to maintain a draught. It is achieved by having an ideal size of inside surface area where the inside heat is exchanged with the bricks.

Temperatures in a conventional metal stove never reach over 600 degrees as to protect the stove from oxidizing. At temperatures of 700 degrees and higher steel starts to oxidize considerably faster, in essence the metal is being burnt away. Manufacturers of these stoves make sure that fires are cooled when needed by adding an excess of air to the fire.

Sometimes you see flue pipes glowing red hot. All that heat is projected to the outside and is basically lost.

Efficiency achievable depends on certain conditions: dry wood, amount of air, etc. Manufacturers’ published ratings assume ideal conditions, which is hard to achieve in practice.



Operation Time

Conventional stoves need to be fed with wood frequently. How frequently depends on a lot of factors. An example of someone who counted the amount of times he went to the stove to put a piece of wood on the fire was that he got up around once every 15 minutes. That is very often.

A BatchRocket stove only needs to be fed once in every so many hours, depending on the size of the stove, the temperature outside and inside, the size of the space and the insulation of the space.




 A BatchRocket mass heater uses 50 percent less wood than a conventional energy efficient stove when used according to specifications (which most people never really do). When not used according to those specifications the usage of wood can be decreased to up to 90 percent when switching to using a BatchRocket mass heater.

Another difference is that conventional wood burning stoves require thick pieces of wood to burn properly. The Batch Rocket stove actually likes a bit of thinner pieces so it can use pieces of wood that would have normally been discarded as waste.

The amount of stacking and moving firewood around depends on the amount of wood used to heat the space. Switching to the use of a BatchRocket system greatly decreases this time spent. Or if you normally buy your wood it can save you quite a bit of money. Over the many years you will enjoy your heater you will gradually earn back your investment.




The design of the heater can easily be adapted to the space that it is going to heat. The finishing of the Heater can be done with firecob and gives the owner the possibility to make it their own by creatively decorating it. The Heater is mostly built from locally available natural materials.

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Our designs derive from the Batch Box Rocket concept by Peter van den Berg.
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