Custom Designs

If you want something else, then what we have on offer, we can talk about your space and needs and come to a customized design. Think about specific sizes or limitations to your space. 

Ideas for customization

Custom Design Batch Rocket Mass Heater

Not every space can be heated properly with a 100mm, a 125mm or a 150mm BatchRocket system. Your space might be very large, it might be poorly insulated or you might have other requirements like a heated bench or a specific shape or size to make the heater fit seamlessly into your living space. If so we can offer you to custom design your heater.

Which BatchRocket heater do I need?

To find out which size BatchRocket Heater you need that is powerful enough to heat your space you need the following information:

  • How big the space is in cubic meters (m3)
  • How warm you would like it to be in the space compared to the outside temperature
  • How well is the place insulated.

If you provide these details to us we can calculate whether the stove is suitable for your space.


We can design a BatchRocket mass heater to your needs. There are certain limitations given by the dimensions that have been tested and need to be adhered to ensure the proper working of the stove. That said there are many properties that we can change.

You could have a heated bench for example. The bench can be placed on either side of the heater and can be sized to your specific space.

You can vary the height, width and depth of the bell to a certain extend as long as the core of the BatchRocket mass heater fits in and the inside surface area does not exceed the limit given by the dimensions of the specific Batch Rocket Heater.


It is very difficult to say something about cost without knowing your specific requirements. We can say that we have put a lot of effort into making sure that the 100mm system can be sold for 700 Euro. That effort is not reflected in the price and is our gift to everyone who gets one of the 100mm BatchRocket mass heaters. But for any custom design we have to do a substantial amount of work designing the model.


Get In Touch

Send us a message with the properties of your space and your personal requirements and we can advise you on what size Heater is most suitable for the space you want to heat. Also any questions are welcome.

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Share your ideas, ask your questions. We are here to help.


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Our designs derive from the Batch Box Rocket concept by Peter van den Berg.
Everything is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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