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We are a small group of idealists who dedicate our time to get rocket stove technology into mainstream use.

We are all about empowering individuals to use this technology themselves and build stoves.


Efficient. Affordable.


wood-fired stoves

We are a small company of people from all over europe living in Portugal and we find ourself captivated by the enormous potential of the Rocket Stove technology.

Many Portuguese homes depend on the burning of wood to keep them and their inhabitants warm and most often this is done in a very inefficient and polluting way. In wintertime we often see the beautiful valleys where we live filled with a blue smoke blanket, polluting our clean air.

This is not necessary. There is a much cleaner way to burn wood, where the fuel is completely burnt (extracting all the heat and producing no smoke) and most of the resulting heat is radiated into the house, instead of going up the chimney as with many stove designs. This is what our Batch Rocket technology does, and this is why it is revolutionary.

We are convinced that we can make a difference and we hope we can convince you of that.  

So far…

We’ve perfected a woodburner based on the rocket stove concept that is ideal for the Portuguese climate. As a small group of idealists, we’ve dedicated time and money to build several prototypes of our Batch Rocket Mass Heater, which is in production since 2017. Our designs derive from an open-source effort mainly driven by Peter van den Berg to adapt rocket stove technology for home heating. It delivers a cosy warmth that’s completely different from a normal woodburner, with almost no smoke emissions and at very reasonable prices. We also started to share our knowledge by organizing workshops in Portugal and abroad.

And now?

We continue to build our stoves but more importantly we are spreading our warmth. We have started to facilitate workshops in building BatchRocket Heaters and we are also working on a larger model suitable for bigger or less insulated spaces.

The Future

We are determined to make a real difference with this heater. We envision hundreds or thousands of homes kept warm using our innovative design, reducing heating costs and keeping carcinogenic wood smoke out of our clean air. We want to share our knowledge and help people all over Portugal and even beyond to discover the benefits of this technology.

How Can I Help?

A lot of loving effort has gone into this project so far and much more is needed if this revolution is to gain momentum. The good news is that the very best way to help is to choose one of our Batch Rocket Mass Heaters for yourself. Not only will you put a warm heart into your home; you also will help our project. If this sounds interesting, begin a conversation with us by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you with more information.

If you are not ready for a stove yourself, there’s still something you can do. We are looking into money-raising possibilities like crowdfunding and we are open to receive donations. We will also seek grants from community-focused organisations. In this way we can keep on spreading our knowledge while keeping it affordable and creating a basic income for ourselves.

So please spread the word. Share us on Facebook or link to this page. If you really like our idea and feel you or your organisation can help us, write to us using the form below.


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Our designs derive from the Batch Box Rocket concept by Peter van den Berg.
Everything is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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