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Our state-of-the-art stove design is leading a heating revolution in Portugal.

About our Project

We are determined to make a real difference with this heater. We envision hundreds or thousands of homes kept warm using our innovative design, reducing heating costs and keeping carcinogenic wood smoke out of our clean air. We want to share our knowledge and help people all over Portugal and even beyond to discover the benefits of this woodburner.

About our Heaters

Our heaters are efficient, they use less wood and are clean-burning. Not to mention they are affordable, safe and need low maintenance. Our first model – the 100mm BatchRocket mass heater – has shown us this is true on all levels. Want to know more about the difference between our system and a conventional wood burner?

Next Workshop: Building a 150mm BatchRocket as part of a natural building workshop

We are very excited to share with you that we will be teaching on two courses running in Portugal this summer.

We will work together with “Permaskills.org”  and with “Permaculturing in Portugal”.

Together with Permaskills we will build a 150mm Batchrocket Mass Heater with Heated Bench and together with “Permaculturing in Portugal” we will build a 150mm  Core and our highly experienced friends will guide the building of the Bell.   

What do we have to offer

100mm BatchRocket mass heater

Our most popular design. A lot of time has been put in making this heater as cheap as possible to be able to achieve our mission; eliminate pollution and keep people warm.

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Custom designs

Not every space can be heated properly with a 100mm BatchRocket system. Your space might be fairly large, it might be poorly insulated or you might have other requirements like a heated bench or a specific shape or size to make the heater fit seamlessly into your living space. If so we offer to custom design your heater.

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150mm BatchRocket mass heater

Our recently released design.

 While talking to you we realized that in some cases, where there is poor insulation or the space is too big, the 100mm BatchRocket might not be sufficient to satisfy the heating requirements needed.

The 150mm has been specifically designed to fulfill a greater heating demand.

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We want to empower individuals to build affordable, highly efficient, clean-burning wood stoves in their own homes by facilitating workshops in Portugal and abroad. 

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Love it. Very happy


When I light it white steam comes out the chimney and then … nothing.  I was outside watching and thought it’s gone out … but it hadn’t. Whenever I looked there was no smoke. The house actually feels warm to me … Love it. Very happy!

- Erica Deyn

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Our designs derive from the Batch Box Rocket concept by Peter van den Berg.
Everything is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.